Guitar Repairs

Under the East-West Guitars name we offer guitar repairs, not only guitars and bass but any other stringed instruments. In the past I have worked on violins, mandolins and a host of other acoustic instruments.

We cover everything from setups and intonation to complicated wiring harnesses. New pickup installation, routing work and body work.

More complicated jobs would include a guitar with say a broken headstock or a complete refret.

You may also wish to avail of our valeting service for your instrument using only the finest polishing compounds to restore to a fine lustre and showroom finish.

Dings on the neck of the instrument can be a big annoyance to a player especially on the neck of a guitar and this repair is covered also.



Instrument Repairs


*Prices are guidelines and are subject to change

  • Minimum bench price €20
  • Complete setup from €50 - intonation, truss rod adjustment, saddle and nut check for buzzes and action and pickup setup. (Guitars which require polish is thrown in with that price)
  • New bone nut formed and installed (poa)
  • Minor repairs (dings and dents etc) from €25
  • Fret repairs from €30 (depending on how many frets need replacing, repair or dressing)
  • Fret Levelling plus re-crowning and polishing (poa)
  • Complete refrets* (call for best price)
  • Fernandez Sustainer installation*
  • Soldering from €25
  • Re-wiring and custom wiring (from €40)
  • Broken necks and headstocks
  • Need cables that need repairing, no problem. We use Neutrik connectors on everything.
    Need custom sized cables? We are using cable by Cordial and amphenol connectors.
  • *Please enquire for best prices. Some prices will depend on the value of the instrument.

Most repairs are covered but if in doubt just ask for whatever you need and I'll advise if it can be done or not.

Live Recording and Mixing Services

Under the trading name Electro Wave Studios for our recording and mixing service we offer a method by which to get your music recorded in your own rehearsal space. This will provide the client with more than just your average "demo" and also having the comfort of recording in the space you are familiar with and saving you studio time and money.
Your music is professionally recorded using a comprehensive mobile rig consisting of an Allen & Heath Zed R-16 analog console, a Carillon AC1 rack mounted PC and only the best microphones among other Class A recording equipment.

Maybe your room already has some sound treatment but seems lacking in a decent sounding room but that is not a problem. We have acoustic panels and bass traps by GIK Acoustics for sufficient drum isolation and can blend the recorded sound with Steven Slate drums and Superior Drummer for sound reinforcement during mixing. We have a rack filled with various Radial Engineering DI's for isolation of other instruments while tracking the drums and a re-amping kit for flexible recording of the guitar amps and blending the direct sound with the miked up amp later on in the session. For acoustic sessions we use PZ-DI boxes from the same company.Mostly I choose to use Heil microphones on the kit which are extremely directional and pick up only what they are pointed at, citing excellent rear and side rejection.

You may choose to have the rough recordings mixed with us at our mixing room featuring an extensive range of plugins and samples for reinforcing productions and paying particular attention care to the stereo buss leaving you with a professional sounding product which you can use as a high quality demo or pre-productions which can save a band a lot of time and money upon entering a top of the line studio to cut your music.

There has been cases in history where high quality demos (roughs) have actually ended up on the debut album for some very influential bands. We aim to provide our clients with the same high standards of recording and mixing and an affordable service and a studio release that the client can be proud of.


Live Recording

    16 Track recording for one band @ €175 per band for Dublin area, €POA outside of Dublin - 50km or more. As a suggestion if there are more than one band playing at the event for an average three hour gig I will will record all bands and the cost could be split between every band.

    *Price only covers the raw audio recorded to Pro Tools to a flash key, mixing and mastering is seperate if required. For complete setlist per band, mixing is €400. Price per song is €50.
    Mastering is outsourced if required to WAV Mastering.

Mobile Recording

    Setting up in your own rehearsal space within Dublin area €275 per day for 10 hour session. Discount available for sessions which are 3 days or more long. € POA outside of Dublin - 50km or more. Prices exclusive of mixing if required.
    Mastering is outsourced if required to WAV Mastering.


  • €150 per song
  • Please call for quote on multiple recordings

Digital Conversion for vinyl and cassettes

  • €30 per album up to ten
  • €20 per album over ten

*price includes restoration processing and basic mastering.

Improve your listening experience


  • Carillon AC1 LocationCore2 running Pro Tools 10
  • UAD-2 DSP Accelerators
  • Allen & Heath Zed R-16 mixing console
  • Puigchild 670 Stereo compressor
  • Pultec Pro EQ
  • Adam A7X monitoring, Avantone Mixcubes
  • AKG K271 Headphones
  • 5 pairs of AKG K171 Isolation Headphones
  • Art HeadAmp6 Pro Headphone Amp
  • Radial Engineering - J48, JDI, JDX, J33, PZ-DI, X-Amp (reamper)
  • Studio interfaced using Cordial cable

Plugin List

  • Toontrack Superior Drummer
  • Steven Slate Drums and Trigger
  • Waves NLS (Non-Linear Summer)
  • UAD EMT 250 Reverb
  • UAD RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler
  • UAD LA2A Compressor
  • Isotope Ozone 5 Mastering Suite
  • Propellerhead Reason 6.5
  • IK Multimedia - Sonik Synth, Philharmonic, & Sample Tank
  • IK Multimedia CSR Reverb Suite

Microphone List