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BRBS Nightrain, ‘Marshall Mods Box’



The BRBS Nightrain is designed exclusively by BRBS and handcrafted using high-quality components. It recreates the slam of the iconic Marshall Mods #34 e #36, which were created by Frank Levi and Tim Caswell and made famous by George Lynch, Slash and others.
Designed to satisfy the fans of the 80’s Sleaze and the Slash-like sound, Nightrain has a remarkable and strong personality, versatile as any modern overdrive should be.
Featuring a 3-band EQ, Smooth/Bright and Character (Gun/Rose) switches, it gives you a limitless range of sounds, even more richer thanks to the gain control: at low levels the sound is bright and extremely dynamic, at higher it turns into solid, compressed tones as in a real valve amp.

Power supply 9V DC negative center pin.
Maximum current draw 13mA


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