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Entwistle HV75 Humbucker Pickup (Alnico or Neodymium)



Looking for something with more bite than our vintage style HV 58 varieties, but something more old school than our modern high gain options? The HV 75 gives a nod to the classic rock age of the late ’70s. These humbuckers with adjustable hex polepieces are available with alnico or neodymium magnetics. Pick your poison appropriately. Mix and match for a truly unique sound. I would personally recommend Neodymium for bridge and Alnico for neck if going that route.
Alnico will have a warmer tone but if you want something ultra hot go for the neodymium version. Neodymium magnets are also lighter which will cut down on some weight in your guitar.
Available with black or zebra bobbins.

DC Resistance (Alnico):
•Bridge 14K
•Neck 9.5K

DC Resistance (Neodymium):
•Bridge 14K
•Neck 9.5K

-Four Conductor Wiring
•Black & Shield = Ground
•Green = Signal Output
•White & Red = Coil Split

Mounting screws and springs included
*The pickup is sold as unboxed. 

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Bridge, Neck, Set

Magnet Type

Alnico, Neodymium

Bobbin colour

Black, Zebra

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