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Eternashine Guitar Polish & Scratch Remover, Deluxe Kit


• Restore your guitar finish like a pro – lacquer, polyurethane, polyester (poly), even nitro / nitrocellulose finishes – for the best results ever
• Apply by hand and wipe off to restore your finish! Not a filler, cover-up, nor temporary fix
• Easy to use, finish winds up looking CLEANER, BETTER, NEWER!
• Guitar scratch removal and polishing that is safe for your finish, even repeated use; an entirely new way to polish your electric, acoustic, and bass guitars
• For high-gloss finishes only. For scratches, cleaning or a complete guitar polishing finish restore: our kits do it all

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Better Value – Nearly double the product amount of the standard kit!

• Player’s Kits = our best guitar scratch remover system & customer favorite
• Recommended! Polish and remove scratches all in one kit. Best polishing system for your prized guitar, multiple guitars, any color finish
• Two-blend set provides deeper, safer polishing to restore high gloss guitars
• Outperforms normal guitar polishes – this is the one people are talking about!
• Safe & easy, with no harsh chemicals or silicone
• Does up to 40-50 applications for your guitar collection (high gloss finishes only). Each kit is an 8 oz set (4 oz per bottle)
Two microfiber towels included – EXTRA TOWELS OPTIONAL and available from my store.

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