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Eternashine Guitar Detail Spray & Spray Wax



Available separately or sold as combo. Price for combo is €17.90

Follow up on the guitar scratch remover process with Eternashine detail spray which is great for removing any residual polish and getting a deep shine on your guitars finish.
Keep handy in you guitar case for removing smudges, fingerprints, sweat and other residues from your prized instrument.
Contains no abrasives, silicone or harmful chemicals and leaves the guitar looking and smelling like a showroom axe.

• Use Detail Spray for quick clean-ups of fingerprints, sweat, & smudges for your entire guitar
• Spray Wax is real carnauba wax in an advanced waterborne formula
• No oily, greasy residue – leaves a clean, shiny slick finish with no mess – no harsh chemicals or silicone
• 2 oz bottle is big enough to last, small enough for your case
• Special atomizer bottle delivers the smallest amount of detailer you need in each spray – less waste compared to other products! Detail spray is for any type of hard guitar surface, even strings
• Wax provides amazing shine and luster only carnauba wax reveals, a must for black guitars! (do not use detailer or wax on unfinished wood especially maple necks)
• Wax is a great final step after cleaning and polishing for ultimate luster and lasting protection.

For best results use with a plush microfiber towel, available from my store.
*Only recommended for use with quality microfiber cloth.

East-West Guitars are distributors for UK and Ireland for Eternashine.

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