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Fender, No-Load Potentiometer, 250K, Solid Shaft



Genuine Fender 250K ohm, Split Shaft, no load potentiometer.
Some Fender guitars have a unique tone circuit that features a “Delta Tone’ Control. The “Delta Tone’ system consists of a high output bridge pickup and special ‘no-load’ tone control for the middle and bridge pickups. This new pot has a detent at the 10 position which bypasses completely any filtration through capacitors. Unlike the TBX, which [has] a detent at the 5 position and gradually reduce[s] the amount of filtration through the capacitor, the Delta-Tone’s ‘no-load’ feature eliminates filtration completely at the detent and the result is more of the direct presence of the pickup.

Body Depth: 0.44 in.
Body Diameter: 0.95 in.
Bushing Length 0.25 in.
Resistance: 250 kΩ
Shaft Diameter: 0.25 in.
Shaft Length: 0.38 in.
Shaft Rotation: 300°
U.S. Thread Major Diameter: 0.375 in.
U.S. Thread Pitch: 32 tpi.

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