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Les Paul Premium Wiring Kit


Everything you need to re-wire your Les Paul!


Everything you need to re-wire your Les Paul guitar yourself or for your upgrade project. May fit Epiphone and other Far Eastern made guitars although you may need to ream the receiving holes slightly.
These are not metric pots!
Potentiometers are made by CTS to Tube Amp Doctor’s custom specs.
Check other listings in the shop for information and specs on these potentiometers and capacitors.

Choose 3/8″ pots for Epi’s and other far eastern guitars, choose 3/4″ for all Gibson Les Paul carved top guitars

Kit includes:
– (x4) TAD Custom CTS 500K Audio Potentiometer, Split Shaft (audio taper/logarithmic) potentiometers. Shaft Height: Long 3/4″ (19.5MM) or Short 3/8” (9.52MM)
– ***Please note that due to the limited nature and rarity of the Soviet era K40Y-9 capacitors that are pictured here I have to now issue the LP wiring kits with TAD ‘Mustard’ capacitors. You will receive 630V TAD ‘Mustard’ capacitors with this kit x2) 0.022uf/22nF.***
– Switchcraft 1/4″ #11 Mono Input Jack
– 1.5m 22AWG black shielded, braided push back wire (pre-tinned) for power jack to switch and pots
– 1ft 20AWG ground bus wire

Required Mounting Hole for Pots: 3/8” (9.52MM)

Additional information

Pot shaft length

3/8", 3/4"

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