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Long Shaft Reverse Audio Potentiometer 500K


The right pots for your lefty LP!

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WD Music Products® long shaft 500k Ohm potentiometer for USA instruments. Reverse audio taper for left hand applications.

This pot will allow you to wire your guitar up the correct way if you are a left handed player.
Potentiometers on left handed guitars usually can only be operated in an anti-clockwise fashion which is a nightmare for some players or with a reverse wiring with a standard pot with the wires simply reversed which is not correct at all as it will reverse the resistance taper.
This pot is the answer and will allow the player to engage the control in a clockwise manner when turning it up and to allow for conventional wiring of your guitar.

Diameter: 24mm
Bushing Threads: 3/8-32
Bushing length: 3/4″
Taper: Reverse Audio (anti-log)
Split Shaft (24 Tooth) for US spec knobs
Medium Torque

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