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Phase Reverse/Dual Coil Split Wiring Harness


Half a Jimmy Page wiring harness


*Please allow up to 3-5 working days between build time and postage.

Phase Reverse/Dual Coil Split Wiring Harness For Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone, Telecaster Deluxe, PRS etc

Pictured is a short shaft harness.

•2x CTS Push/Pull 500K Potentiometers
•2x Tube Amp Doctor PRO CTS 500K Split Shaft (audio taper/logarithmic) potentiometers (Matched) 30% log taper, 3/8″ bushing
•1x K40Y-9 0.022uF (22nF) Paper in oil capacitor
•1x K40Y-9 0.015uF (15nF) Paper in oil capacitor
•Switchcraft J11 Mono Jack

Bridge volume control switch splits both humbucker coils
Neck volume control switch for phase reversal

If you require a customised harness please inquire.

Additional information

Wiring type

50's, Modern

Pot size

3/8", 3/4"

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