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PMT V-Treb Variable Treble Bleed Circuit


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The PMT V-Treb variable treble bleed/bypass circuit corrects the problem of high frequency losses at reduced volumes by allowing the player to control how bright or warm the tone will get as the volume control is reduced.
With the volume at 10, the V-Treb is removed from the circuit and does not affect the sound.

To lnstall:
1. Peal the adhesive tape backing and attach the V-Treb circuit to the back of the volume pot as shown or chose another location to mount the circuit to allow easy adjustment if the back of the volume pot can not be accessed for adjustment.
2. Solder the input and output terminals of the volume pot to the gold solder pads on the bottom of the V-Treb or run wires as shown if mounted remotely from the volume pot.
3.Connect original input and output wires from volume to the gold solder pads on the top of the V-Treb or pot as shown.

To Adjust The V-Treb:
Set the volume between 6 and 8. Then use a small screwdriver to adjust the orange bypass amount control to the desired amount of treble bypass.
Turning the trim pot clockwise increases the amount of treble bypass for a brighter sound at reduced volumes.
Turning the trim pot counter clockwise reduces the amount of treble bypass for a warmer tone at reduced volumes. The V-Treb will not affect the tone when the volume pot is set to 10 (100% on)

NOTE: Use a small flat head screwdriver and be careful not over turn or damage the trim pot.

• Get precise adjustment of tone as volume is reduced.
• Use with 250K & 500K pots – Single coils & Humbuckers.
• Improves audio taper roll off between 6 and 10.
• Will not affect tone at full volume.
• Mounts to any volume pot with included adhesive tape.
• Can also be remote mounted for easier adjustment.

*Volume pot not included.


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