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P-Bass Pre-Wired Harness


Precision Bass Pre-Wired Harness. Right or left handed.


*Please allow up to 3-5 working days between build time and postage.

Precision Bass Pre-Wired Harness

Replacement wiring harness for Fender® USA instruments, drop in upgrade for Fender® Mexico basses, Squier® and Affinity and Fender® Mustang bass. Will also fit any bass based on the Fender® design.
The pots and jack are imperial sized parts so you will need to widen metric sized holes slightly.

• TAD Custom CTS 250k Solid Shaft w/.250″ Shaft Potentiometers (Matched pair)
• Switchcraft 1/4″ Mono Input Jack (Soldered connections to the input jack are insulated with heat-shrink to ensure durability and long life)
• ***Please note that due to the limited nature and rarity of the Soviet era K40Y-9 capacitors that are pictured here I have to now issue my wiring kits with Orange Drop capacitors. You will receive a 400V ‘Orange Drop’ 0.047uF capacitor with this kit***
• 22 AWG vintage push-back wire, 18 AWG Buss Wire

* Please note that the treble bleed (pictured) is not included anymore; I didn’t think it was necessary on a bass harness.

*The left handed harness has reverse audio CTS pots. It will have split shaft pots, but are supplied with brass adapters for knobs with set screws. Knobs from Far Eastern guitars will generally need to be changed for inch sized ones for the US pots.

*Solderless connectors available upon request


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