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PRS Standard 2-control Wiring Harness


Upgrades PRS SE’s with high quality electronics.


*Please allow up to 3-5 working days between build time and postage.

For PRS and PRS SE guitars with a two control layout and three way toggle switchswitch.
Choice of split or solid shaft pots. If you require solid shaft pots, please leave a note with your purchase.

• 500K TAD/CTS Custom, split shaft w/.375″ (3/8″) shaft length (audio taper/logarithmic) potentiometers. The left hand version will have CTS reverse audio pots.
• Right angled Switchcraft pickup selector switch
• Deep knurled nut for switch
• NOS K40Y-9 0.022uF paper in oil capacitor.
• Switchcraft J11 output jack
• Wired with vintage shielded braided cable

*Can be built for solderless connections if required

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