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Reflektor EL84M (6P14P-EB) Pentode


Rugged and long-life replacement for all EL84 tubes.


Rugged and long-life replacement for all EL84 tubes.
Rare Russian/Soviet (USSR) military grade tubes 6P14P-EB made by “Reflektor” plant near Saratov.
The tube is a direct equivalent of the popular EL84, as well as 6BQ5 and 7189 tubes.
6P14P-EV has extended ratings that give you better sound compare to other brands and constructed with a gold-plated control grid.
With 5,000 operating hours, it is an exceptionally durable EL84 type. The shock resistance specified with up to 300 G underlines the extremely robust construction and makes the 6P14P-EV the ideal tube for guitar amplifiers that are frequently on the road.

All TAD tubes guaranteed for six months, should these fail within that period you can return them for a refund or a replacement set

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