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Switchcraft Short 3-Way Toggle Switch, For Les Paul, ES, SG, Tele Deluxe etc.


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One of the most rugged and durable switches available for your Gibson Les Paul or similar two pickup guitars. Switchcraft switches are OEM equipment on Gibson and many other manufacturers and are chosen for their unmatched reliability.

• Thread height: 0.34”
• Fits .50” mounting hole
• Compatible with .875” control cavity depth
• #8-32 switch tip threading
• Includes 15/32″ x 32 thread recessed knurled nut
• Pre tinned lugs for ease of soldering during installation
• Depth required = 15/16 in.
• Threaded bushing length = 3/8 in.

Electrical characteristics
• Contact Ratings: Fine silver contacts rated at 3A, 300W maximum AC non-inductive load standard.
• Leakage Resistance: 1,000 MW or greater
• Dielectric Strength: 250 VDC

• Frame: Steel, plated
• Bushing and Shaft: Copper alloy, plated
• Springs: Copper alloy
• Mounting Hardware: Knurled copper alloy locknut T10711, supplied.
• Insulation: Rigid plastic spacers with plastic tubing through stack. Rigid plastic and/or thermoplastic lifters. Thermoplastic cam on actuator end


**NOTE** Switchcraft pre-tins all lugs with solder from the factory making things easier for you to make your connections especially for the switch ground.
Reaming of the receiving hole will be required on Far Eastern imported guitars.

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