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Tele Control Plate, Angled Switch Slot


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Never fight with your Tele switch again!
With an angled pickup switch, you’ll never struggle when flipping between positions again.
Telecasters are amazing guitars, but there’s one design flaw: the switch location. With the switch in the bridge position, it’s tricky to change pickups on the fly, especially in the heat of a gig. This simple tweak solves this annoying problem forever.

Drop-in upgrade
This chrome plated brass Tele control plate has the same footprint as the classic original, but the switch location is moved slightly forward and angled. Now it’s easy to get your finger between the switch and the volume knob, no more fumbling or finger acrobatics.
This simple tweak makes it effortless to change pickups when you’re playing—you don’t even need to look. And you won’t change the timeless look of your Tele!
The switch angle is designed to accommodate all US switches.

*Mounting screws included.

Plate size: 6-3/8″ x 1-1/4″ (161.92mm x 31.75mm)
Thickness: 0.082″ (2.08mm)
Plate mounting holes: 5-27/32″ (148.34mm) on centers
Switch blade slot: 1-1/16″ x 1/16″ (26.99mm x 1.58mm)
Switch screw required: 6-32 x 5/8″
Switch mounting hole distance: 1-5/8″ (41.27mm) on centers
Control pot hole diameter: 3/8″ (9.52mm)

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