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  • Gibson (Racoon) Flying V

    A one of a kind Flying V which was curiously chewed on by racoons before arriving in the shop. This was in for a refinish and new wiring harness. The bare wood was stained slightly darker than the original timber and clear coated with nitro. The wiring harness now has an additional tone pot and the jack has been relocated to the side of the body.

  • Gibson (Racoon) Flying V

    The new wiring harness for the Racoon Flying V with two volumes and two tones

  • Eastwood 59 3P

    In for a setup and rewire and sold to a customer in California

  • Stratocaster wiring harness

    One of our Strat harnesses with an Emerson Custom ground plate

  • Peavey Classic 50

    In for a service, filter capacitor replacement and new valves

  • Gibson SG broken headstock

    For Paddy from the Camembert Quartet. Pictured before repairs

  • Gibson SG broken headstock

    For Paddy from the Camembert Quartet. Pictured after repairs

  • Marshall TSL project

    New power board for a Marshall TSL 100 which also had a blown output transformer

  • Marshall TSL project

    Fitting the new power board and output transformer in the TSL

  • Fender Blues Junior

    PCB board for the tubes was burnt out in this. I've replaced it with chassis mounted Belton tube sockets to dissipate heat better. It also had a full service and filter cap replacement

  • 'Holy Grail Strat Harness'

    Strat harness with 4 pole 'Superswitch' allowing auto-split function for a humbucker in switch position 2 and a separate tone pot for the humbucker and single coils

  • Traynor Bassmaster

    Full service, filter cap and tube replacement. Also modified with an impedance selector switch

Guitar Repairs

East-West Guitars offers an extensive range of guitar repairs, not only guitars and bass but any other stringed instruments. I have worked on violins, mandolins and a host of other acoustic instruments.

We cover everything from setups and intonation to custom wiring harnesses, new pickup installations, routing work and body work.More complicated jobs would include a guitar with say a broken headstock or a complete refret. You may also wish to avail of our valeting service for your instrument using only the finest polishing compounds to restore to a fine lustre and showroom finish.

Dings on the neck of the instrument can be a big annoyance to a player especially on the neck of a guitar and this repair is covered also.

*Minimum bench price €25

  • Complete setups (covers intonation, truss rod adjustment, saddle and nut check for buzzes, setting action and pickup setup, new strings and valet)
  • New bone nut formed and installed
  • Minor repairs (dings and dents etc)
  • Fret repairs from (prices depending on how many frets need replacing, repair or dressing)
  • Fret Levelling plus re-crowning and polishing (poa)
  • Complete refrets (call for best price)
  • Fernandez Sustainer installation*
  • Soldering
  • Re-wiring and custom wiring harnesses
  • Broken necks and headstocks
  • Need cables that need repairing, no problem. We use Neutrik connectors on everything.
    Need custom sized cables? We are using cable by Cordial and Amphenol connectors.
  • *Please inquire for best prices. Some prices will depend on the value of the instrument.

Most repairs are covered but if in doubt just ask for whatever you need and I'll advise if it can be done or not.

Amplifier Repairs

We offer full service for tube and solid state amps to complete builds and rebuilds. We can supply tubes from well known brands but in particular are dealers in Ireland for Tube Amp Doctor valves and filter capacitors. Check out our range of parts on our shop page in ebay for more details.

Services available

  • General service and bias
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Valve replacement and specific tube orders
  • Resoldering
  • Clone kit builds
  • Complete rebuilds (mostly on turret and eyelet boards)
  • Modifications
  • Replacement parts
  • Cabinet tolexing