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Dartfords Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol, 400ml can (Solid Colours)



Nitrocellulose lacquer has been used on guitars since the fifties and sixties because of its excellent characteristics. Forming a very thin layer it allows the wood to resonate freely with little restraint. It can be spot repaired easily and when buffed, shows a beautiful shine. Finally, the way this lacquer ages (cracking, yellowing, checking) adds to the character of the instrument.

400 ml per can (Each can will provide 6-8 coats of a guitar body depending on how liberal each coat is)

**A few coats of clear gloss over the top of all colours is recommended for protection and a deeper shine.

Aerosols provide approximately 1.2sq m of coverage each. One can is usually sufficient for most guitar bodies. We recommend 2 for basses.

Usage Overview

A. Preparation
i. (Optional) Grain Fill Wood
ii. Sand to 320 Grit
B. Priming
1. Apply Cellulose Sanding Sealer Primer (3-4 coats)
Sand to 600 Grit
ii. Solid Cellulose Guitar Paint (2-3 coats)
D. Top coat of Clear Nitrocellulose Guitar Lacquer (3-4 coats)
E. Polish

Note* Postal regulations prohibit shipping aerosol cans outside of Ireland. This item must ship by ground freight only.

Additional information


Aged Olympic White, Arctic White, Capri Orange, Dakota Red, Daphne Blue, Desert Tan, Graffiti Yellow, Horizon Blue, Jet Black, New Olympic White, Olive Drab Green, Seafoam Green, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Surf Blue, Sonic Blue, Surf Green, Surf Orange, Torino Red, TV Yellow, Union Blue, Vintage Cream

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