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Entwistle XS75 Single Coil Pickup



Like it’s sibling the HV75, the XS75 seeks to put you somewhere in between ‘classic vintage’ and ‘modern’. Inspired by pickup designs of the 70’s, the XS75 is more forward and brighter than the classic 50’s single coil design, but more laid back and with less output than our modern single coils. Pick your flavour with alnico, ceramic and neodymium options, with the characteristics the different magnet types impart.

Alnico will have a warmer tone but if you want something ultra hot, brighter and with better note separation go for the neodymium version. Neodymium magnets are also lighter which will cut down on some weight in your guitar.

DC Resistance (Alnico):
•Bridge 9.5K
•Middle 6.5K
•Neck 6.5K

DC Resistance (Neodymium):
•Bridge 9.5K
•Middle 6.2K
•Neck 6.2K

Potting: Wax potted

The pickup is sold un-boxed and supplied with mounting screws and springs.

Additional information


Bridge, Middle, Neck

Magnet type

Alnico, Neodymium

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