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Rotosound ‘Roto Blues’ Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Wound 10-52


A hybrid version of our best-selling electric guitar strings.

The combination of silky nickel wrap and powerful steel core make our Rotos a great all-rounder for any playing style or genre.

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Light Top, Heavy Bottom

Nickel on Steel
Having recently celebrated 50 years of producing the worlds finest music strings, we at Rotosound proudly offer our nickel on steel electrics in a wide range of gauges for 6, 7, 8 and 12 string sets to suit all playing styles and the needs of todays musician.

Our highly secret core to cover ratios used in their making offers such brilliant sustain and tonal nuances few others can equal. The longer European eye adds extra strength at the ballend.

Our unsurpassed quality and constant care to detail throughout every stage of the production process culminates in a string equally geared to the professional and non-professional alike.

MATERIAL: Nickel wrapped roundwound
GAUGE: 10 • 13 • 17 • 30w • 42w • 52w
TONE: Balanced
OUTPUT: Medium

Free extra plain E string.

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