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Tube Amp Doctor 12AX7/ECC83 ‘REDBASE’ Premium Selected


The new TAD 12AX7 / ECC83 REDBASE® – Premium Selected – Good Gain – Airy Top End – Fat Mid-range!!

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The TAD 12AX7 / ECC83 REDBASE® Premium Selected provides very good gain, tight bass, fat mids and silky top end with overall definition and brightness.
Selected for low noise and balanced systems is this tube recommended for guitar and audio amplifers to improve overall response.

Best for clean tones as well as for sounds requiring fat midrange, detailed airy top end and lots of power from the preamp.
Recommended for all positions in amps with medium gain level or High-Gain Amps for V2+ positions.

As for V1 in general, but especially for higher gain amps or phono/audio-amps, we recommend the RT-7025 Highgrade, the RT030 E83CC/7025 Highgrade or RT093-HG 7025-WB Highgrade

The TAD 12AX7 REDBASE® can replace any 7025, 12AX7WA, 12AX7WB, 12AX7LPS, 12AX7EH, CV4004, CV492, ECC83 or E83CC..

TAD REDBASE® are 1st choice for:
Bad Cat®, Blackstar®, Mesa Boogie®, Diezel®, Engl®, EVH/Fender®, Hughes & Kettner®, Koch®, Laney®, Magnatone®, Marshall®, REVV®, Two Rock® and so many more quality amplifer brands.


Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium Selected tube?

A: All preamp tubes labeled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:
– Low Noise Test
– Microphonic Test
– Gain Test
– Sonic Tests
– Shock Tests
– Listening Tests
– Balanced Output Test

Premium Selected
We call the tubes SELECTED which have passed above tests and thus qualify as reliable all-round tubes of their type.Typically this is around 30-60% from a batch that receives the SELECTED label from TAD.
For applications in particularly sensitive functions such as V1 or input stage with combo amps, V1 in high-gain amps, tube microphones and phono preamps, we recommend using the respective HIGHGRADE selection

Matching and Selecting Options for Preamp Tubes
Matching in Pairs for preamp tubes means that two tubes show identical gain, hence, four characteristically identical systems.
This matching method includes our Balance-Selection. We highly recommend this matching method for hi-fi systems.

TAD Premium Selected/Highgrade tubes are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (according to terms of warranties)
for the quality criteria mentioned above.

Tube Type: 12AX7/ECC83/7025
Socket: 9 Pin(Noval)
Selection: Premium

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