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BRBS Rockstar Box, Overdrive/Distortion


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The Rockstar Box is an all-around overdrive/distortion pedal that let you sculpt a limitless range of sounds.
It features a unique hybrid circuitry system with discrete active components at first stages to get the gain control behave like a real valve amp. At low levels you get dynamic crunchy sounds, at higher levels more solid distortions.
The Fat/Sharp switch transforms the pedal from a warm overdrive to a powerful distortion to achieve outstanding solo sounds, by increasing the gain in the mids.
The passive tone controls are progressive and musical; through the Vintage/Modern switch you can set the frequency response on the low-mids to achieve classic rock (Vintage) sounds or mid-scooped and firm lows typical of modern Metal music.
As every BRBS product, it certainly provides well-defined yet never annoying highs, sharp mids and fine tuned lows.
An active Boost switch lets you increase the output volume of the effect (that can be set with the boost potentiometer) to satisfy even the more demanding solo guitarist.

Power supply 9V DC negative center pin.
Maximum current draw 13mA


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