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Switchcraft Panel Jack Socket 6.3mm, 3-pole (Various finishes)


1/4″ Stereo 2 Conductor Thick Panel Mount Jack w/Cable Clamp, Nickel Finish


Switchcraft 150 Series Panel Jack

Standard 1/4″ phone jacks with extra long threaded bushing for mounting in panels/chassis up to 1.25″ thick. Metal bushing virtually eliminates hum pick-up, and is ideal for electric guitar and speaker connections. Jacks mate with standard commercial 1/4″ phone plugs. Jacks mount in a single .469″ diameter hole. Rugged cable clamp protects connections from twisting and pulling stresses.

Common replacement for Ibanez, G&L, etc. Fender Power Jazz Bass Special

3-pole stereo jack with internal switch for active guitars.

*Please note that the black and gold jacks do in fact have a cable clamp, even though the ones pictured do not have them. Consider them having the exact same specs as the nickel jack.

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Black, Gold, Nickel

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