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CTS Linear Potentiometer, Long Split Shaft 500K


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Made by CTS Corp.
Long Shaft ¾ in. bushing, split knurled shaft, ⅜ in. bushing diameter. For guitars that have a thicker carved top (ex. Les Paul) where added bushing length is required.

•Resistance: 500K
•Taper: Linear
•Tolerance: ± 20%
•Body Diameter 0.95 in.
•Body Depth 0.45 in.
•Bushing Length 0.75 in.
•Shaft Length 0.38 in.
•Shaft Diameter 0.24 in.
•Shaft Rotation 300 deg.
•U.S. Thread Major Diameter 0.375 in.
•U.S. Thread Pitch 32 tpi.
•Weight 0.04 lbs.
•Rating: ⅓ watt
•Shaft Material: Brass (Split Shaft)

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