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PMT Humbucker Control With Coil Filters (For Electric Guitar & Bass)


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The HCP Humbucker Control Pot is a dual mode coil tap selector that eliminates the additional switches associated with coil splitting a pair of humbuckers. In TAP mode, rotating the pot counterclockwise fades from HUMBUCKERS to OUTER Coils (HB1 South coil & HB2 North coil). Pulling the HCP control up and rotating it counterclockwise fades from HUMBUCKERS to INNER Coils (HB1 North coil & HB2 South coil). Tonal control is expanded with the unique ability to coil tap both humbuckers in varying amounts. In COIL FILTER mode, turning the HCP control applies varying amounts of a specially tuned high frequency filter to only one coil of the selected coils of the humbuckers (either North or South coils can be filtered). This makes each pickup a single coil at high frequencies and a humbucker at lower frequencies which produces a sound similar to a pair of single coils but with a stronger, fuller tone and 50% less noise than coil tapping.

HCP Humbucker Control Pot Features:

• Accesses North & South / Inner & Outer Coils.
• Provides varying amounts of coil tapping for both pickups.
• Variable “Coil Filter Modes” provide new tonal options.
• Completely passive-No battery needed.
• Works with any multi-wire humbuckers.
• Use with a pair of humbuckers or a single humbucker.
• No affect on tone at full clockwise setting.

HCP Control Specs Specs
Shaft Material: Aluminum
Shaft Type: Split Knurl
Spline Count (Type): 18 (Coarse)
Spline Height: 3/8″.375″
Threaded Shaft Material: Brass
Threaded Shaft Length: 3/8″ .375″
Threaded Shaft Diameter: 3/8″ .375″
Thread Pitch: 3/8-32NEF
*Required Cavity Depth: 1.1″

Instructions for operation:

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