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Jazz Bass Pre-wired Harness with V-Treb Volume Mod


The PMT V-Treb will allow the user accurate control of how much high frequencies will be allowed to bleed through when the volume control is turned down.

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*Please allow up to three working days between build time and postage.

Direct replacement harness for Fender USA Jazz bass from 1962 onwards. Drop-in upgrade for Mexican JB’s, Squier and similar models.
Will also work with Fender Deluxe PJ Bass.

• 250K TAD Custom CTS Solid Shaft Potentiometers w/ (3/8″) .375″ Shaft Potentiometers, Tolerance ±8% (Matched)
• 2x PMT V-Treb variable treble circuit
• Soviet Union K-42Y-2 0.047uF paper in oil capacitor. NOS (new old stock)
• Switchcraft 1/4″ Mono Input Jack (Soldered connections to the input jack are insulated with heat-shrink to ensure durability and long life)
• Professionally soldered using 22 AWG vintage push-back wire and 18 AWG Buss Wire

*Control knobs not included

The all new V-Treb variable treble bleed/bypass circuit corrects the problem of high frequency losses at reduced volumes by allowing the player to control how bright or warm the tone will get as the volume control is reduced. Turning the trim pot 1/4 turn clockwise increases the amount of treble bypass for a brighter sound at reduced volumes. Turning the trim pot 1/4 turn counter clockwise reduces the amount of treble bypass for a warmer tone at reduced volumes. With the volume at 10, the V-Treb is removed from the circuit and does not affect the sound.

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